Goblins, Gurus and Greek

With over 100 student organizations USF, events such as the Involvement Fair can be overwhelming, and it may seem impossible to keep track of the new clubs popping up every semester. To help make this process easier, we’re bringing you a taste of some of the newest student organizations to establish themselves on the Hilltop.


Harry Potter Club

Rhianna Herd (left), president of the newly-founded Harry Potter Club, and Hannah Grayson (right), vice president.

Established: Spring 2018

President: Rhianna Herd

Vice President: Hannah Grayson

Still waiting on that letter from Hogwarts? You aren’t alone –– so are the founders of the Harry Potter Club, Rhianna Herd and Hannah Grayson. The club is a place for every Potter enthusiast to feel welcome and connect with other fans (even if you’ve never read the books… don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone). Remembering her time as a freshman, Herd is especially excited to welcome new students. “It’s fun because I feel like they’ll have a place that they can feel welcome and feel like they have a part in the community,” she said.

The all-important question: will there be Quidditch? “Hopefully we’re going to get that off the ground,” Herd said. “No pun intended.”


Yoga Club

Mara Nadeau is president of Yoga Club, which meets both on and off campus.

Established: Fall 2017

President: Mara Nadeau

“I see yoga as a multifaceted tool to improve ourselves in all ways,” Mara Nadeau, senior kinesiology major and the founder of the club, said. She emphasized the importance of incorporating the mental aspect of yoga into the physical practice. No matter what your individual needs are –– whether you’re a yoga aficionado, or you don’t know what tree pose is –– the club has a place for you.

In addition to their Thursday on-campus meetings as a newly-funded Gold account, the Yoga Club will now hold special meetings at various studios around San Francisco free of charge. The club will also take a field trip every other weekend for an outdoor yoga session in Golden Gate Park. Don’t have a yoga mat? Don’t sweat it! For the outdoor meetings, you can bring a towel, a tapestry or just practice on the turf!


Gamma Zeta Alpha

Established: Fall 2018

This semester, a brand-new chapter of Gamma Zeta Alpha is being welcomed to USF. Founded in 1987, the Latino-interest social fraternity has its roots in the exploration of Latino culture and experiences, with an emphasis on community service.

With 21 of the 22 chapters of Gamma Zeta Alpha in California, the fraternity allows its members to frequently interact across chapters in unique events such as the Gamma Olympics, an annual sporting competition.

Whether your interest lies in Greek Life or Potter fandom, it’s easy to get involved with the activities you love and connect with people who share similar values.


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