“Heavy” Cockroach Infestation Temporarily Closes Caf Grill

The Market Café, USF’s main cafeteria, is yet again having insect issues. This time, it temporarily closed down operations at the grill.

On Feb. 27, the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) received an anonymous complaint about live cockroaches at the Market Café’s grill station. The next day, an inspector made a visit.

According to the inspection report obtained by the Foghorn, a “heavy German cockroach infestation” was found underneath the hot holding box at the cafeteria’s grill. Additionally, mice droppings were found around the pizza station.

The inspector suspended any operations at the grill until a number of directives were followed, which included hiring a professional pest control service as well as sanitizing certain areas.

The SFDPH inspector returned on March 1 for a follow-up visit to confirm these directives had been completed. The inspector observed “significant improvements” around the grill station and lifted the suspension.

Garrett O’Doherty, the top USF administrator in charge of the cafeteria, responded to the complaint through an email interview with the Foghorn. After the inspector closed the grill, “Facilities performed some additional maintenance work in the grill area to further seal the building and Bon Appétit performed additional deep cleaning,” O’Doherty said.

When asked if the cafeteria intended to inform customers of the complaint, O’Doherty responded with the following: “As the grill was closed for less than 24 hours and the health inspector was very pleased with his inspections (in response to and the follow up the next day) – and provided positive comments on our proactive work- we did not see a need to [do] so.”

The cafeteria has had issues with insects and rodents in the past.

The last scheduled inspection of the Market Café in September 2018 found mice droppings and dead cockroaches in glue traps. This inspection gave the cafeteria a score of 80 out of 100.

An inspection in December 2017 found rodent droppings in a corner of the salad bar and a live cockroach.

To view the SFDPH inspection reports, click here.


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