Letter: 3/29 Article on Protest Law Misused Upward Bound Photos

I am writing in response to the most recent headline article (“Protestors Restricted by Congress”) of the Foghorn (3/29/2012), or more specifically the photographs used to illustrate the article.

I can understand why one might choose the picture of a successful protest to juxtapose against an article warning of a threat to such protests. However, given the caption “students protest Upward Bound,” and since the picture is not referenced anywhere in the article, one could easily assume the protest was against instead of for Upward Bound. Furthermore, it is not clear from the article that the new law actually threatens protests such as the one depicted.

Last spring the Foghorn reported extensively on the responses to the proposed removal of Upward Bound from the USF campus. The protests for this project brought to the attention of others what would have been a gross injustice.

Ultimately a resolution was reached that benefited all parties and resulted in the continued presence of Upward Bound on the USF campus. I applaud the writer’s call to pay attention to this legislation, to think about how will impact our nation, and to learn more. However, the current use of the pictured protest does justice to neither the struggle it depicts nor the issues in the article, and sends the readers mixed messages.

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