Lyricist Lounge Generates Self-Expression and Support within USF

Creative expression and great vibes were all in abundance last Friday evening for the semester’s first Lyricist Lounge. The event encourages students to express their thoughts, explore their identities, and engage in the power of community through Spoken Word poetry, singing, rapping, visual art, etc.

Over one hundred students attended this collective building and community-fostering event at the UC fourth floor last Friday.

Ciara Cici Swan, senior and coordinator of Lyricist Lounge, hopes this monthly event will bring more “love and higher energies vibrating from once idle souls.” By functioning as a free, accepting, and completely open environment, it invites a diverse group of students to speak their minds and enable open dialogue about their experiences
or feelings.

“The most beneficial aspect of Lyricist Lounge is that it includes creative individual expression along the basis of collective building and community-fostering,” Swan said. “They represent solitude and going against heteronormativity as well as function to embrace the negotiation of ‘-isms.’”

Due to immense enthusiasm for these events and growing awareness about its strength within the USF community, January’s Lyricist Lounge garnered one of the highest turnouts of the academic year so far. Many new performers came to showcase poems or songs they had written. The audience played a huge role at the event as those who didn’t perform were fully engaged by creating an empowering environment of support with cheering and enthusiasm for all performers.

Because of its growing success, Swan said Lyricist Lounge may become “one of those Friday kick-it spots on campus.” In her eyes, these evenings are “something new, recycled, composted.”

The next Lyricist Lounge will be held on Feb. 28th in the UC at 7 p.m. and due to Black History Month, the event will focus on exploring racial identities.

For more information, contact the Intercultural Center at:,

Gender and Sexuality Center at:, or
USF’s Spoken Word club at:


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