Our Favorite Moments

For our final issue of the semester, the Foghorn staff decided to do a different kind of editorial. It’s easy to forget that there are people behind this paper, but we’re here. This staff editorial is about our favorite aspects of working for the Foghorn this semester.

Sarah Hinton, Opinion Editor: In general, my favorite part about my job is how I’m able to see how different our University’s campus looks through the eyes of my writers. The opinion section is more personal than the other sections, meaning that I really get to talk to my writers and learn about them.

Kalan Birnie, Sports Editor: I’ve really valued the personal vindication of writing for the Foghorn. In the second grade, my teacher told me nobody would ever want to read me writing about sports and stats. Now, many years later, I’m writing every week about sports and stats for a regular readership. I am so grateful for my fellow editors, our writers and our readers for the opportunity to do this every week.

Sarah Armendariz, Scene Editor: Being on this staff has been an absolute joy. Being the newbie on any staff can be intimidating — but the team has been so kind and welcoming. Getting to be a part of this proactive and passionate group has taught me a lot about myself and the work I want to continue doing.

Miles Herman, Layout Editor: Three years in and our love is alive like we just got together. I have to say my favorite thing was finally finishing the farm story, right? I mean, it was a year in the making and three times the normal length of an article. To add onto that, it was my first news piece. I really can’t communicate how wonderful a resource the Foghorn is, in that it lets me try new things and mediums — but I can say that I finally published that gosh darn piece!

Hope Diwata, Social Media Manager: My favorite part of this semester with the Foghorn was gaining a more intimate knowledge of how a newsroom worked. The best experience I’ve had in this job was posting on Twitter about closing the school during the Camp Fire. We elevated so many students’ concerns, provided a platform for dialogue and put pressure on the administration to respond.

Gabriel Greschler, Editor-In-Chief: My favorite part of being at the paper was hearing that people were following our Twitter page play-by-play during the hazardous air week before Thanksgiving. I felt like our paper was providing a professional news service to the University’s students, faculty and staff that week.

Hayley Burcher, Managing Editor: My favorite part about this semester has been watching every editor come into their own. Being able to watch each issue (which becomes our collective baby) develop from start to finish is incredibly rewarding. This newsroom has such a contagious energy, and seeing the other editors get excited about their work makes me incredibly happy. On the whole, with the Foghorn, I feel like I’m a part of something greater than myself.

Katherine Na, Copy Editor: My favorite part of the semester was mobilizing around the issue of CSO executives’ compensation — it was empowering to act as a platform for other CSO executives’ opinions and to inform other students around campus about the events occurring on the UC fourth floor (which inevitably affects all other students on campus).

William Win, Photo Editor: My favorite part of this semester with Foghorn was this job. Taking photos for newsprint was actually very new to me because most of what I’ve done was all related to heavy editing with Photoshop. Learning to take photos for newsprint and getting to work with new people was very fun throughout this semester.

Dominique Dollenmayer, Layout Editor: I’ve been on the Foghorn for six semesters, and my favorite part of this semester has been looking at how much the paper has grown and improved, as well as reflecting on how much I’ve grown in my relationships with my coworkers.

Mardy Harding, News Editor: My favorite part of this semester has been the diversity of our content and how it’s reflected growth as a staff. Whereas it’s been difficult to stray from event coverage and features in the past, this semester, everyone’s creativity was in full-throttle when it came to story ideas. And it was felt in the office, too. The atmosphere is so contingent on how seriously people take what we do, and this staff pushed themselves to put out something that we’re all proud of and thrilled to put together.


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