PIXAR Comes to USF

The Center for the Pacific Rim brought the magic of PIXAR to the USF community on Nov. 16, with a visual presentation of PIXAR film animations, such as Finding Nemo, Car, and Up.

The event presented behind the scenes footage of the work that goes into producing PIXAR animated films.

Dr. Patrick L. Hatcher moderated the event.  According to Hatcher, “The goal of the event was to introduce this talented organization to the campus community.” PIXAR Art Director, Tia Kratter , provided additional commentary.

The event highlighted that the films are a form of representation of U.S. soft power. Films like Wall-E, Up, and Finding Nemo  were produced to visually influence citizens in recognizing everyday issues. This aids in crossing generations and racial barriers, the impact that human place on the environment, and the protection that is needed to sustain life.

In Finding Nemo, for example, the film brought attention to the Australian Great Barrier Reef, which is filled with coral that is threatened by a warming Pacific. In the film, the reef is where Nemo lives and swims.

Likewise, the film Wall-E is about a robot that compacts trash from a toxic Earth that has been left behind by humans.

Bridget Schuborg, a senior majoring in International Studies, is obsessed with PIXAR and attended the event. Schuborg said, “I wanted to come to learn about the company, because I would love to work there. I also think that PIXAR is a beacon of hope for movies.”

Hatcher said, “The event was very successful we had over 189 people there to include three USF classes from Computer Science and Media Studies.” This event was geared towards students in both the Computer Science program, and the Media Studies Program.  The usual sizes of the events are between 120 to 150 attendants.

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