SF Welcomes Home Giants in Victory Parade: Hectic Parade Attracts Out-of-State Fans

November 2, an estimated 1.5 million people gathered near the civic center to welcome home the Giants after winning the world series for the first time in San Francisco.  People from all over came to celebrate this victorious day.

Clouds of smoke would puff up occasionally around the crowds while beer cans were being tossed to the ground since there were no trashcans. Although this was an exciting event, the city should have taken more time to organize such a momentous occasion.

Christi Robb, 26, a San Francisco State University student said, “The city could have done a much better job of organizing especially as far as scheduling and crowd control is concerned. It seems that it should have been easy seeing as how SF is no stranger to throwing a party, especially one involving a parade.”

Christine Giusti, 22, a USF alum also agreed that the parade was not organized. However, out of the five interviewed, all seemed to enjoy the excitement of the city. Gabby Seo, 22, was visiting from New York and came not knowing what was going on. Seo said, “It was exciting to see people of all ages celebrating”.

Kelsey Burnett, 20, a junior at USF said, “As a huge baseball fan it was something I’ve always wanted to be a part of and since my Mariners haven’t been to a world series yet this was the closet I’ve been able to get.”
This parade attracted people from all over and allowed for a giant celebration, even if they aren’t all Giants fans, although most were.

Robb said,  “The Giants have been my favorite team since I was 9. Its exciting to think that I may sit at a Giants game with my kids one day telling them about the first year we won the series, the craziness of the parade, and how more people showed up than the entire city population.”

Although the actual parade was not very well organized, the clean up was. Hannah Jones, 23, a San Francisco native said, “The whole city was having a lot of fun. I hear they started planning two hours after we won the final game. We walked by where the start of the parade was and they were already cleaning, which is great!”

All six people were excited and happy they got to experience this moment that will go down in history.

It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky with a giant crowd, bigger than the population of the city.

Editor-in-Chief: Heather Spellacy

Chief Copy-Editor: Burke McSwain

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