UC 4th Floor Open House: Attendees familiarize themselves with student orgs

The multitude of hors d’oeuvres and delicious desserts mounded in every room of the UC fourth floor lured students to Student Leadership and Engagement’s UC 4th floor open house last Monday. To get people acquainted with the new student space, 12 student organizations and 3 office departments welcomed students to participate in activities related to their organizations’ purpose.

USF Voices performed songs like “Joy to the World” in the lounge, College Players did monologues with attendees, and The Foghorn welcomed students to make paper hats out of recycled newspapers.

The Intercultural Center invited students to write a “5-minute” poem about their identity on hand-shaped, colored construction paper. The paper hands were put on display in the centers’ office, later to be exhibited around campus. “A lot of what the intercultural center does is explore identity multiculturalism,” student Alia Al-Sharif said.  “We felt it was important to recognize the individual in our community because everyone’s identities are really important and we’re really diverse at the same time.”

Students packed the newly-renovated UC 4th floor during the floor’s open house. Free food, giveaways and prizes encouraged attendees to participate. (Cass Krughoff/Foghorn)

Roaming through the many offices and desks, students received a sticker if they completed an organization’s activity. By the end of the event, 5 tickets granted students a raffle entry, 10 stickers gave students an ASUSF keychain and raffle entry and 15 stickers provided a tote bag and raffle entry.

Raffle prizes included items like an iPod Touch and a Flip video camera.

SLE Associate Director Marci Nunez said the raffle prizes were a gift from SLE, University Life, and the Intercultural Center—the three departments housed on the fourth floor.

Nunez said other organizations also gave away their own prizes.

Anthony Rivera, senior and SLE’s website assistant, enticed participants by yelling out “free t-shirts” in exchange for naming one of SLE’s primary events. “Right now I’m just trying to be engaging,” he said.

Junior Olivia Delbarco thought the event was better than what she anticipated. “I thought it was going to be kind of lame, but it’s actually fun. I’m happy. It’s actually a good idea that they did this and they should continue it yearly.”

The turnout of people demonstrated that the event was a success, and food played a big role in getting students to attend. “The point is to create an incentive to come and see the space,” Nunez said. “We think once students saw the space and saw what organizations and resources are here, they’re more likely to come back.”

Nunez oversaw the planning of the event, but participating organizations were also given credit for hosting their own activities.
SLE Assistant Director Keegan Mills said, “Students seem really excited to be here. The groups are all really excited. [The event] really showcases student involvement and student engagement on campus.”

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