Soccer Ties 2-2 Against No. 17 Santa Clara, Ending Streak of Nearly 30 Losses to the Broncos

An Interview with Senior Goalie Megan Conor

We noticed you were filling in at goalkeeper tonight. What happened to your ordinary goalkeeper? How many times have you played the position at USF? Do you have prior experience as goalkeeper (i.e., in high school)?

All our other goalkeepers are injured at the moment so I stepped in for the time being. I actually have never played goalkeeper until about a month ago. I have been a forward my entire life and I never would have thought that I would be ending my 17 year soccer career in a position I had never played before. I have played in goal for about 7 games now, all the WCC conference games.

How were you able to be so successful filling in against such a tough opponent?

I’ve always been pretty athletic growing up, so I think that has helped me a lot with learning the new position. Our coach Maite has done a great job at training me and teaching me the position in the past month.

Describe what it means to draw against such a high-quality opponent, especially on senior night.

It was huge! If you had told me four years ago that we would have a tie against Santa Clara, with me in goal, I probably would have laughed! So this tie is huge for our program and I think it is just the beginning for these girls and they are going to continue getting better and better and become a real threat in the WCC in the upcoming years.

What can you say about how you were able to storm back from an early 0-2 hole against Santa Clara?

Our team just had a lot of heart and a lot of fight and we never gave up and never lost hope.

What can you say about this first year under new head coach Jim Millinder?

Jim is an amazing coach. He really understands the game and has taught us all so much. I wish I could have played for him longer than just a year because I think he is really going to take this program to the next level and I can’t wait to see what the team has to offer in upcoming years.

What does the future hold for this team?

This team is definitely going to be a threat in the WCC next year and I can’t wait to see where they go. I think the next step for the team is getting into the NCAA tournament and making history for this program.

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