STAFF EDITORIAL: Foghorn Staff Welcomes New Dons

Dear Incoming Dons,

As you walk over the doorstep of your new home, we’d like to extend a welcome from the only student newspaper on campus. We all remember what it was like to first arrive and be just as confused as we were excited about the fresh start. To help you conquer at least some of that confusion, we’ve designed a special eight-page Freshman Issue to guide you around campus and the city.

Our first 12-page regular issue will come out on Aug. 28 and we hope that it can be your source for informative, entertaining, and engaging campus news. The Foghorn is committed to asking difficult questions, fostering challenging discussions, and keeping a record of student life.

As we adjust to a changing world, or maybe even bring change to an adjusting world, it seems necessary to take an active interest in the state of government, academia, social change, domestic affairs, foreign affairs, poverty, drought, net neutrality, alienation, evolution, revolution, absolution, and our local communities. In this spirit, we would like to extend an official invitation to each and every member of the USF community to make their voices heard and engage with the student newspaper. Here are your options:

1) Contribute an opinion piece on a matter of social change to the Foghorn

2) Report diligently on local or campus news for the Foghorn

3) Comment on diligently (or not-so-diligently) reported stories for the Foghorn

4) Be an informant for the Foghorn

5) Criticize the administration in the Foghorn

6) Criticize the students, faculty and staff in the Foghorn

7) Criticize the Foghorn

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Foghorn Staff

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