Late-night local music livens up the Undercaf

Following their ninth annual celebration of College Radio Day on Oct. 4, KUSF, the campus radio station, and Campus Activities Board (CAB) kept the musical momentum going on Thursday, Oct. 10, as they held their first “Late Nights” show of the semester. KUSF and CAB fulfilled last year’s promise to make these free events a regular occurrence, and this show’s turn-out proved to be more impressive than their last, with more than 30 students in attendance. The undercaf, sparkling with flashing multicolored lights surrounding the stage, was packed with eager ears, ready to hear the local, alternative sounds of Stoney Hauk, Hit Me, Harold!, and Burd. 

Sophomore Samanda Beeman, a regular attendee of local shows and an avid mosher, summed up the feeling of slam dancing during the show, saying, “I really love moshing in San Francisco because it’s a way for everyone in the crowd to forget their worries for a moment and just focus on the present. I’m glad the pit showed up at the undercaf.” 

Stoney Hauk, a USF student band, made their first live debut at the show, performing a mix of reggae and hardcore melodies. The group took the stage and rocked the makeshift venue with ska-punk type tunes reminiscent of bands like Sublime. The guitarist introduced their first song by proclaiming, “This song is about smoking weed in your car!” This garnered laughs and cheers of approval from the audience of college students. The lyrics included declarations of anxiety toward police officers being in the vicinity of the members while, if you couldn’t have guessed, they smoke in their car. At some points during their performance, they sounded slightly psychedelic, creating a unique set that kept the crowd on their toes.

Following Stoney Hauk was Hit Me, Harold!, a well-known local group that has been performing around California for years. The band describes themselves as having a “math punk” and “emo” sound to their music, which was expertly showcased during their set. They made great use of the undercaf’s acoustics, with resonating, melodic vocals echoing around the space as the musicians swayed along with their cohesive instrumentals, featuring guitar and deep bass. Audience members could be seen headbanging throughout the set as the three members of Hit Me, Harold! jammed out.

Stoney Hauk and Hit Me, Harold! kept the crowd hyped up, and the moshing continued for the rest of the show.

Burd, a San Francisco-based punk group, concluded the show in front of excited onlookers. Burd had taken a short hiatus from performing in the city, so it was an honor to host them in the undercaf for one of their first shows since returning to the San Francisco live music scene. The energy in the crowd was palpable, and fans in the audience sang along to the band’s classic songs. Burd’s sonorous vocals told stories with lyrics like, “I don’t know how she does it, I bet the secret is in her closet,” accompanied by intense drumming and the grungy sound of distorted electric guitar. 

KUSF director Miranda Morris is optimistic about engaging the local music scene. Morris promised the return of another “Late Nights” show in April 2020 that is open to all who are appreciative of the new and classic sounds of our generation and hopes to attract an even larger crowd next time.

You can listen to KUSF radio station online, and stay tuned for another “Late Nights” show in the spring.


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