Letter from the Editor


Hello readers, old and new. My name is Lucia Verzola, and this will be my first year serving as Editor in Chief of the San Francisco Foghorn. I worked as a general assignment reporter in fall 2020 and moved to copy editor in spring 2021.

It’s no secret that our country and world at large has undergone drastic political, economic, and social change since the last time the USF community was together on campus in March 2020. As our lives move at an alarming speed, it can be overwhelming to decipher and distinguish accurate and transparent reporting. 

In the span of 18 months, we witnessed Black Lives Matter protests, President Joe Biden taking office, the insurrection of the United States Capitol, and our continued battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. In this age of misinformation, it is the Foghorn’s goal to provide our readers with factual reporting that allows readers to make their own informed decisions regarding campus happenings. 

Much has also changed in our own microclimate here at USF. Many of us left campus as underclassmen (myself included), unaware that we would return as upperclassmen a year and a half later. For current underclassmen, this is the first time many have stepped foot on campus. We are learning (and relearning) what it means to be a college student at this moment. While it is exciting to reunite with our peers in person, we continue to navigate the ever-shifting protocols put in place by the University and the city of San Francisco. It can feel like we have been left with more questions than answers in how the University plans to address the uncertainty of the virus. As student journalists, it is the Foghorn’s responsibility to provide as much clarity as we can to all in the community through ethical reporting.

While classes were held remotely, the Foghorn digitally reported on the happenings of the USF community and worked to keep its members informed, no matter the distance. Through my three years at USF, I have been reminded daily of how fortunate I am to attend a school that includes individuals from so many walks of life. As the current editor in chief, I recognize my responsibility to expand the voices and stories the Foghorn has included in its pages since its inception in 1903. 

It is the paper’s job to represent all in our community and this is something that must continue to be developed. Above all else, my staff and I are committed to producing work built on our motto: “Freedom and fairness.” At times, this motto can be overlooked or forgotten, but it is essential to what the Foghorn stands for. 

As we watch the current chapter of history unfold, it is our responsibility as student journalists to make sure these moments are recorded truthfully. It is my intention to ensure the Foghorn delivers this responsibility to the USF community to the best of its ability. I look forward to a new and exciting return to campus and a semester filled with news that brings us closer together as a whole.

With respect and regards,

Lucia J. Verzola


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